$3 million will solve this problem 6:30 pm rush hour traffic on Port Union Road

My letters

The Class EA process includes a requirement to solicit public input. Accordingly, I provided my input together with an addendum.

Input to the process - my May 22 letter to the City of Toronto

Input to the process - an addendum to my May 22 letter.

Since that input gets 'consideration' rather than responses, it seemed appropriate to actually ask specific questions (in the hope of receiving specific answers.

Does this make sense? - a request made on May 24.

Wouldn't you agree that .....? - I ask Councillor Moeser for support on May 25.

Wouldn't you agree that .....? - I ask MPP Gilchrist for help as well on May 25.

If you want to read a few more of my thoughts click here.

Other people's letters

And a resident says pretty much what he thinks about it all.

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This man is your city councillor. Let him know what you think about the process.

This man chairs the Scarborough Community Council. Let him know what you think about this.

This man is Toronto's mayor. Let him know what you think about spending your taxes responsibly.

These people [Toronto staff] want to hear from you about the project. Don't disappoint them.

This man is your MPP. He thinks Toronto is not fiscally responsible. Let him know what you think.

This man [the webmaster] thinks his tax money is being wasted. Let him know if he's right or wrong.

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