6:30 pm rush hour traffic on Port Union Road

A few of my opinions

To date, nothing I've seen on Port Union Road suggests that the traffic problem is any worse than you find on every other minor or major arterial road in Toronto during the rush hour. More accurately perhaps, traffic problems on Port Union are far less than you see on every other minor or major arterial road in Toronto in the rush hour. Lawrence and Morningside or Lawrence and Kingston Road are both good examples or real traffic problems in rush hour.

Frankly, this whole exercise strikes me as a complete boondoggle .. just another multi-million dollar project to be a feather in someone's cap. Doesn't matter whether it's needed, as long as someone can point to it and say "look what we did". No business case, no cost/benefit analysis, just following a process willy-nilly without regard to the reality that it's taxpayers money being blown here.

So, folks - if Toronto really wants to spend $3,000,000 of your money improving the area, here's a short list of real projects that might well get local support:

  1. Acquire part of the Manson lands to make the Village Common larger
  2. Accelerate the construction of the Waterfront Trail (remember that?)
  3. Restoring the old Morrish store at Meadowvale and Kingston Road

Got any other ideas for a $3,000,000 local improvement? Send them to the webmaster and they'll be added to this list.

And if you disagree with my opinions, that's O.K. - "it's a free country" as they say. I've provided an opportunity for you to express your opinions here, although if you want to provide a detailed, rational, counter-opinion, please send it to me by e-mail. I'm flexible enough that - given facts and reasoned argument - I change my opinion from time to time.

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