$3 million will solve this problem 6:30 pm rush hour traffic on Port Union Road


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As previously announced on their web site, the City of Toronto has initiated a Class Environmental Assessment Study for Port Union Road. Generally, the purpose of this Class EA is summarized below:

'Previous traffic studies undertaken in support of new residential subdivision developments in the Port Union Road area have indicated that widening of this road and other associated intersection improvements would be needed as these new developments are created. Many of the developments have since been completed and the City of Toronto is beginning a study to review alternatives to determine the best way to address existing and future transportation demands in the Port Union Road area.'

Well, that all sounds very reasonable. At an Open House on February 27, 2002 a number of alternatives were shown. Some seemed patently absurd, but one of the objectives of the 'process' is to consider all alternatives. Following the Open House, the City concluded that the preferred alternatives for solving the traffic problems are to widen Port Union Road to four lanes, or extend Meadowvale Road through to Highway 2A.

The extension of Meadowvale through to Highway 2A (producing another 401 access point) has long been opposed by local residents and their community associations.

The expenditure of an estimated $3,000,000 will make rush hour traffic jams such as those depicted below a thing of the past.

$3,000,000 may be the best way to solve the problem of traffic congestion on Port Union Road. But there isn't a traffic problem on Port Union Road, except a short-term increase in traffic in the rush hour - exactly what happens on every other road in Toronto during the rush hour.

Views North and South - Thursday May 9 at 6:30 p.m.
Port Union Road/Winter Gardens Trail

And so the purpose of this web site is to present facts (and opinion) about this traffic 'problem', and help you form your own opinion as to whether $3,000,000 of your money should be spent on solving the 'problem'. Read the words, look at the pictures, study the information - then contact your elected officials and express your views.

While you're here, take a moment and take part in the Centennial Community and Recreation Association's online survey about traffic conditions on Port Union Road.

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