$3 million will solve this problem 6:30 pm rush hour traffic on Port Union Road

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This website was produced because - after driving in rush hour in this area for more than 15 years - I've never been in a traffic jam around here, and because unless people 'do something', $3,000,000 of taxpayer's money is going to be spent on solving a non-problem for which the solitary justification seems to be that a 'process' is being followed.

And in case somebody tells you that Port Union Road needs to have four lanes so that it will meet Toronto's current criteria for its designation .... it presently does meet that criterion. And here are the facts about that.


Note: There is neither support of this website by, nor affiliation with, any of the community associations who would be adversely impacted by widening of Port Union Road (or extending Meadowvale either).

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