$3 million will solve this problem 6:30 pm rush hour traffic on Port Union Road

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Anonymouse - 05/24/2002-15:38:42
There certainly are some very valid questions raised here. The road project looks like a complete waste of money. I hope you get responses from the city that will be published.
Anon - 06/13/2002-10:54:37
Throughout the website you say that the 3 million dollars could be better spent elsewhere. Who is to say that if they don't widen port union they would still invest the money in our community? Also, I feel that the two picturers that clam to be taken during rush hour are inaccurate and should be removed from the site. If anyone has been on port union during rush hour then they would know that there are more than just 3 cars no matter what the time during the rush hour.
webmaster - 06/13/2002-11:19:42
... well, trust me - I took the pictures, and they are exactly what I saw when I saw it.
John - 06/19/2002-06:53:08
It all comes down to this... Do we want to spend $3,000,000 so that GO transit users from outside our area can get home faster? There are two southbound lanes which accomodate these users for their morning commute. It's the 10 minutes in the evening when the GO trains arrive that traffic comes to a crawl. As stated though, this quickly clears until a half hour later when the next train arrives. This whole process lasts from 5:30pm - approximately 6:30pm.

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