Design and development - doing-it-yourself?

Just how hard can it be to do it yourself? Don't millions of people make 'web sites'?

Surely it's "child's play" to download a free web site template and add your own words. The trouble is that hundreds or thousands of web sites may already use that free template. It's "child's play" to download a page editor and a few free pictures and throw something together in a few days (or a few weeks or months, depending on how much you know). Maybe you have a relative who will do it for you .... some time when they are not too busy. Maybe you know someone who does web sites - 'cheaply' - but cheap web sites look like ... cheap web sites. If your customers think you were cheap with your web site, what will they wonder about your products or service??

Why pay someone else?

So why would you pay someone to do it for you? It's because professional web site developers have the tools, the talent, and the time, as well as knowing what works for business on the Internet.

Professional graphic editing software tools cost hundreds of dollars; access for re-use of professional art or photography costs hundreds of dollars each year. Yes, you could download free versions of HTML editors, and image compression utilities, and html/CSS validators, and the other software you need, but ...we have those web design tools - and we know how to use them. Yes, you could download free images and clipart that can be found on many, many, web sites. But doesn't your web site deserve better?. We own millions (literally) of professional quality photo-images - images we can use on your web site to make it as unique as your business.

Developers spend thousands of hours looking at web sites that work (and web sites that don't work), developing and fine-tuning skills with client-side and server-side scripting, CGI and php scripts, databases, compliant html/CSS, and web site presentation skills ... as well as developing web sites. We understand the differences that screen resolution and browser version can make - and compensate for them. We understand that there are many different browsers that your visitors might use - all create sites that work with them all! We have already acquired those talents - how long will it take you?

And most important of all

Which brings us to the most important reason why you should hire a professional to develop your web site - time.

Your principal business is your business - what you are best at. Why use your time to develop something that might work as a web site?

So, do you want professionals to design and develop your web site while you get on with the business you know best?? Check our portfolio. Ask for a quotation. What are you waiting for?