Web site maintenance

If you have purchased a complete web site design or package from us, one hour's work is included free during the first month after completion. Just tell us what you need changed and it will be fixed. After that, you have two principal choices:

Do It Yourself

All of our finished web site code is fully commented with things like "do not edit above this line", "add your content here", and similar helpful messages. If you are familiar with html editors, then making the changes to your site will be simple enough. And remember that you have our complete documentation on hand - as part of the price for your site.

Pay us to do it

Our basic fee is US$30/hour for all web site maintenance, whether it's changing text, adding text, or changing images - basic changes to the content. Payment in advance is required and no work is done until after we receive your confirmation of our quoted amount.

A smarter alternative

How would you like to simply type information into a web form and have your web site change automatically and instantly? As many times a month, as many times a day, as you want to? We can design and develop complete web sites that allow you to do all those simple changes in minutes. For a better understanding of just how simple and effective this kind of web site maintenance can be, please take a look at a small example of a database-driven web site that allows you to modify content. Judge for yourself how simple this can be.