halfadot: web design & development

When you need a creative, constructive, and cost-effective approach for your web site, and you don't need 'the whole dot com', try halfadot smallwebs.home sweet home

Our business is web site design and development - with the emphasis on sensible solutions for small business. Prices for full websites, domain registration and hosting included start from US$350.

Take a look at the portfolio of web sites we have recently developed for others, or check the services we offer.

We build fully accessible sites, constructed to published industry standards to ensure they work with all browsers, at all screen sizes, no matter whether your visitors are using a Windows PC or a Mac. That means every one of your visitors will get the same experience from your site.

Please spend a few minutes looking around; check our site map, or take a look at our frequent questions & answers. And if you don't find what you want, take a few seconds and contact us - maybe we know someone who can do just what you want.